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I hope you are all travelling well now that the first quarter of 2023 has come to a close. As always, the days go quickly and before you know it, we are through another year. Personally, this year has been a chance for me to refocus on some new directions I wanted to head down, and to pick up the pace again after a quieter 2022.


Firstly as many of you know we have some staffing changes going on. In a nutshell:

  • We have welcomed a new staff member (Kristen) who is offering beauty treatments and does a fantastic deep tissue massage.
  • Casey will be going on Maternity leave at the end of this month and hopes to be back in salon by September (fingers crossed) so for those of you who book with her specifically for electrolysis, we will keep you in the loop. We are hoping to train up Kristen to offer these services in her absence
  • Masa is on 5 weeks leave from the start of May to head home to Japan. He will be back on board from Tuesday, June 6th
  • Alethea will be back for limited appointment times from next week on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays. Please message us to check her availability and which treatments she will be offering.
  • Zara is on leave this week and next, back as per usual from April 26th

As for me, the last 6 months have been all about study as I completed a qualification in Training & Assessment. As a result, I will be teaching at two separate colleges starting late April for the Diploma, Remedial Massage and Diploma, Beauty Therapy. In addition, I will continue to work behind the scenes for Botanique as per normal, see a few clients where I can, run our little Airbnb, and of course continue to see some of you up at World Gym where I teach hot yoga 4 times per week.

Botanique has grown exponentially over these past few years and I am so very grateful for both the staff and the clients who have kept us moving forward. As I attended another skin clinic yesterday having a medical procedure performed, it reminded me of how important it is to focus on what we do best whilst adhering to our own principles. This means we will continue to offer:

  • world class wellbeing treatments to assist with pain, injury and stress
  • skin treatments that work on natural replenishing and healing ie producing collagen, hydrating and correcting
  • beauty treatments such as hair removal, tinting and some waxing
  • day spa treatments for individuals, couples and groups to enjoy for some time out from their hectic daily life

There are many other businesses out there that offer glamour services and/or medical skin treatments such as intense ablative laser, injectables and dermatology. For these services we are happy to refer you.

In the meantime please feel free to reach out to either myself or any of the staff if you have any questions!


Lisa Randall, Director


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