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From Summer to Winter and Back - Skincare for all Seasons

Tips for Seasonal Skin Care

Seasonal Skin Care can be tough to keep our skin in optimum health at the best of times let alone when the seasons change. As we shift from summer to the colder days of winter, humidity can drop quickly so the skin has to work harder to maintain adequate hydration. Additionally, some of our habits change during these periods such as taking hotter showers and using heating in the house, all of which also contribute to how our skin behaves.

Conversely, different changes can occur when we get back into the hotter weather which means we can develop a sense of ‘greasiness’ as more oil gets trapped on the surface of the skin. (Of course, this is particularly relevant in the Queensland climate.)

Other conditions to be aware of during hotter months include heat rashes often caused by excessive sweating, flare ups of eczema, sunburn (which is no joke and needs to be taken seriously to prevent further complications even for those with a darker skin type), acne, break outs, bacterial infections and more.

The reason we see seasonal changes in the skin is because the acid mantle (or protective barrier) becomes disrupted through both external as well as internal factors including weather as mentioned above, but also pollution, diet, stress, disease, disorders, etc ultimately making it more susceptible to inflammation and irritation.

To help combat these types of responses be particularly diligent with your home care, as well as considering the following :

Winter Transition Tips:

· When humidity lowers, try limiting showers to five minutes or less and avoid using unusually hot water.

· Apply your skin care products including serum and moisturiser within 60 seconds of coming out of the shower; look for ingredients such as glycerine and hyaluronic acid.

· Book in for hydrating treatments like an Electroporation Infusion Facial, Oxygen Therapy or Hydro jelly mask to freshen up the skin.

· Oils are also a great way to go in winter; look for products with Avocado, Jojoba and Rosehip oils.

· Go for in season fruit and veg such as broccoli, berries and leafy vegetables which are all rich in skin-nourishing vitamin K, and also boast anti-inflammatory properties. Leafy vegetables also have high sulphur content that can help reduce skin’s redness and flakiness.

Warm Weather Tips:

  • In the hot and humid months obviously try not to get overheated.
  • Take cooler showers.
  • ALWAYS use sunscreen formulated for the face. (We love Mineral Pro by O Cosmetics!)
  • Look for products that contain naturally occurring salicylic and/or fruit (alpha-hydroxy) acids to break up excess grease and dirt.
  • Use Vitamin C topically and eat plenty of foods rich in ascorbic acid (ie carrots) to help combat sun damage, provide anti oxidants and promote a brighter complexion.
  • Keep a bottle of water handy at all times and in multiple locations such as the car, office desk, gym bag, etc.
  • Fruits like watermelon, which are high in water content, are particularly good for the body and skin during the summer.

Products we love for winter:

Products we love for Summer:

If you would like to discuss your seasonal skin care concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0413 542 004.

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