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Woman embracing her grey hairs

Embrace Aging!

Soon I will be celebrating my 57th birthday. I’m not telling you that it’s my birthday for any sort of recognition or gestures, but more so to just bend your ear about my thoughts on ageing. I hope you will share your thoughts with me as well next time we meet, because only through sharing and supporting our ideas of self image can we empower each other regardless of gender, race or age.

Let’s face it, the fact that the media and society present ageing as a ‘bad’ thing that should be avoided at all costs, sets every one of us up for a major fall. It is a psychological quandary because yes, even all of those beautiful Instagram models will also one day get older and experience ageing (if they are lucky enough!) No matter what the advancements in science are currently (particularly those working in the area of telomeres – the protectors of our DNA), ageing is right up there with taxes and death! We simply CAN NOT STOP AGEING.

I won’t lie. Sometimes the process gets me down because my body feels so much different than my mind. We all feel our aches and pains more as we get older. We all need more time to heal when we get an injury once we are over 40. We all slow down in some respects at some point as we age.

However, I see gray hair coming in, and to be honest, I like it. If someone referred to me as a “Silver Fox”, I think I would like that too. I see a few more fine lines which don’t bother me too much, however I admit, the slight sagging and drooping of certain areas does. I like that I have the wisdom and knowledge that I do, and look forward to learning so much more over time. I get what my mother was saying now….”you’ll understand when you’re older”.

Of course, working in the aesthetics and well being industry does mean I have easy access to great treatments and products which I certainly take advantage of, but I do get tired of this constant need that some people have to try and look like someone other than who they are.

I always find it strange that people will spend so much on injectables, but not do anything to take care of the upper layers of their skin. To me this is like having a blouse that doesn’t match the pants. Having a healthy glow comes from the inside as well as the outside. Your happiness, diet, how well you take care of your body, as well as what you use on your skin makes a huge difference to how old you look, full stop. No injectables will change that.

Don’t get me wrong. Yes, I 100% believe in ageing gracefully and doing what you can to maintain a healthy body, mind and appearance. However, I’m not afraid to look like an ‘older woman’. What’s wrong with looking like you are in your 60’s, 70’s or 80’s but at the same time being the best possible version of yourself?

So no, I don’t want to be 60 and look 30 but I do fancy the idea of being that person who looks like they take care of themselves, who has glowing skin, can still participate in a yoga class or go for a walk with my dogs, who has a happy radiant smile and is fit enough to still enjoy what life has to offer.

Many people say to me, “its too late” for me in reference to their appearance or their healthy lifestyle. It is NEVER too late.  Embrace your beauty, no matter your age. Take care of yourself, mostly because there is only one ‘you’ and you deserve it.

Managing chronic aches and pains, stress and tension is equally important. The general response to both physical and psychological stress is the activation of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). When stress levels stay elevated far longer than is necessary for survival, it can take a toll on your health. Chronic stress can cause a variety of symptoms and affect your overall well-being. Symptoms of chronic stress include irritability, anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia and more. All of these lead to premature ageing.

The lesson here? Your physical well being is just as important as your outside shell, or your image. You simply can not “fake it til you make it” when you’re in a constant state of flux. So book that regular massage, carve time out to meditate or take that class at the gym, and be kind to yourself. Mostly, don’t be afraid of ageing. It’s here to stay so let’s work with it, not against it.

  • Lisa Randall, Owner, Botanique Skin Wellness Spa

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