Botanique Skin Wellness Spa

Have you heard of infrared but not quite sure what it is or why you need it in your life? Well, let’s start with the basics. An infrared sauna is a wooden cabin equipped with infrared heaters designed to detoxify and heal the body.

They use advanced technology to heat you from ‘the inside out’. What this means is the far infrared heat penetrates the body tissues and increases thermal energy (as opposed to traditional saunas which tend to heat you externally first due to the fact that they use a single heater which heats the air and that hot air heats the user).

Infrared heaters on the other hand use ceramic or carbon panels instead of conventional heat to emit infrared waves to easily penetrate human tissue and heat your body instead of the air.

Infrared saunas usually operate between 46 to 57 degrees and takes around 10 minutes to heat up. Most people can comfortably stay in an infrared sauna anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes.

Infrared saunas offer similar benefits to traditional steam saunas, however without the extreme heat. They offer a dry heat meaning it is much easier to stay in longer whilst creating a wonderful, deep sweat to help detox the body.

Proven health benefits from infrared saunas include relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, relieving muscle and joint pain, weight loss, improved circulation, and cleaning out skin pores.

We suggest you add a sauna on to a massage as it is a wonderful way to get the body into a deep state of relaxation and offer pain relief. People who suffer from auto immune conditions can benefit in particular, as well as those who suffer from stress.

At Botanique we also offer a full body infrared mattress as well as portable pads, so feel free to request these at any time (small surcharge applies).

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