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Sun Buster Collection


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Sun damage and hyperpigmentation can be tricky and stubborn to treat, however the right ingredients can assist skin appearance and overall complexion.

Pigmentation is caused by an increase in melanin—the natural pigment that gives skin its colour, however too much melanin can cause spots or darker patches of skin. These spots can be concentrated or more ‘diffuse’ and can be from sun exposure, age, hormones, pregnancy or inflammation.

The trick to treating it is both to lighten the existing pigmentation as well as to stop the formulation of new spots. This is achieved through active inhibitors found in Vitamin C and other brightening formulations, as well as reducing inflammation with calming, soothing ingredients.

30 ml Vitamin C Serum

30 ml Brightening Serum

50 ml Renewal Cream

Travel size Green Clay Detox mask

Travel size Creamy Exfoliant


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