Gemstone Essential Oil Roller 10 ml


Gemstone Essential Oil Roller 10 ml


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Transform your wellness regimen by using the ancient art of infusion essential oils of herbs and flowers with the powers of gemstone roller ball tips and bottles.

Both ancient and modern healers believe that the vibrational power of gemstones and various crystals to can be used to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages and thus enable healing energy to freely flow of throughout the body.

Depending on your needs, combining and mixing different essential oils in one bottle with water or carrier oil creates healing effects according to the stone and oils used. It is also wonderful to use as a natural perfume and eye treatment.

Please indicate your preference for stone when ordering.

Black Obsidian: Also known as the “stone of truth.” Associated with removing negative energy. An excellent stone for integrity, honesty, protection and grounding. Pairs well with patchouli, black pepper, vetiver, and tree oils such as fir, cypress and spruce.

Tiger Eye Jasper: A “feel good stone”. It brings passion and physical strength. A stone of good luck, problem solving, focus, wealth and courage. Pairs well with bergamot, orange, clove, fennel, and ginger.

Rose Quartz: Also known as the love and relationship stone. Pairs well with lavender, jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, clove, frankincense, sandalwood, and cypress.

Amethyst: A good basic stone. Helps with healing an confidence. Can be used for protection and balance. Pairs well with lavender, sandalwood, cypress, clover, and frankincense.

Sodalite: Promotes communication, truth, integrity and intuition. Pairs well with eucalyptus, basil, cypress, peppermint, bergamot, and coriander.

Green Aventurine: Is known as the “stone of opportunity.” It helps align energies and inner harmony. Pairs well with spearmint, bergamot, cinnamon and neroli.

Red Leopard Jasper: Is believed to stabilize and balance energies. Helps to maintain a positive healing aura. Helps motivate, increases creativity and responsibility. Pairs well with orange, patchouli, ginger, vanilla, sandalwood and lavender.

Lapis Lazuli: It stimulates the desire for knowledge, wisdom, intuition and good judgement. Pairs well with spruce, lime, basil, frankincense, peppermint and jasmine.

Fluorite: Is used for aura cleansing, consciousness, intellect, protection and truth. Pairs well with lavender.

Clear Quartz: An ultimate healer. Promotes clarity, calmness, energy and harmony. Pairs well with most oils.


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