BSN Ultrasonic Facial Device


BSN Ultrasonic Facial Device


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Our Botanique Skin Nutrition Ultrasonic Facial Device offers multiple modes for deep cleansing, skin rejuvenation and tightening. It works through ultrasonic vibration, 26000Hz per second, which penetrates deep into the pores to remove dirt, oil and the build up of skin cells. It is very effective at removing blackheads, as well as accelerating circulation, promoting metabolism of the skin, reducing pigmentation and stimulating tightening through the use of microcurrent.

Features include a stainless steel, corrosion resistant spatula head, slim line casing, rechargeable battery, easy to use functions and LED display.

Our device is pain free and operates in three easy to use modes. In the first ultrasonic mode simply cleanse the skin with a well formulated cream or gel cleanser, rinse and then use the device to pick up extra debris. The vibrational massage function along with ultrasound offers gentle, yet effective exfoliation to prepare the skin for product application in step two.

In the second ‘nutrition’ or moisturising mode which utilises negative ion technology, it is best to use a high quality water based serum of choice such as collagen, Vitamin C or hyaluronic acid which will be infused deeply into the skin where it can be more effective. Botanique Skin Nutrition offers a variety of high quality facial serums to target acne, ageing, rosacea, dehydration, sun damage and much more.

In the EMS Microcurrent Lifting mode, you may feel a little tingling sensation which means the device is doing its job to stimulate the muscle fibres of the face and create collagen. This mode can be used with a bit of facial cream or oil for slip.

The Facia Spatula is a fantastic at home device for ensuring your skin stays in tip top shape in between facial appointments!


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